Galaxy Wine Company is a wholesaler, importer, and distributor of fine wines. Based in Portland, Oregon, we distribute wines from around the globe to retailers, restaurants, and wine shops here in Oregon.

Galaxy was established in 1999 by Bob Liner and Matt Elsen. Both Bob and Matt have a long history with wine. Bob got his start in 1977 as an employee at a gourmet shop in Sacramento. The shop owner handed him a stack of wine books and told him to learn. Bob dove in headfirst, and before long he was driving to Napa every weekend to meet winemakers, explore vineyards, and taste wine. He was hooked.

Bob and Matt

Matt and Bob in Burgundy, circa 1992

Matt also got his start in California, managing restaurants in the Bay Area. Like Bob, he spent many weekends driving to Napa, creating buying pools with other restaurant people and loading the back of pickup trucks with dozens of cases.

Despite likely having crossed paths during this time, Bob and Matt didn’t meet until 1987 when both had located to Oregon. Matt, having grown accustomed to the accessibility of great wine in the bay area, asked around about a proper wine retailer in Portland. “Go to Strohecker’s,” he was told, “And see Bob Liner.”

The rest, as they say, is history. The two hit it off and within a couple of years Liner & Elsen opened its doors to the public. The shop soon gained renown for its selection and for the vast knowledge of its two proprietors. Their firsthand experience launching Liner & Elsen gave Bob and Matt a unique perspective on what wine buyers needed from distributors. Guided by that experience, they sold Liner & Elsen in 1999 and launched Galaxy Wine Company.

19 years later, Galaxy has garnered a reputation for the quality of the wines offered, the knowledgeable staff, and the unrivaled customer service. Galaxy is proud to represent more than 400 producers from around the world and works with retailers and restaurants across Oregon. Through an incredibly knowledgeable sales team, Galaxy continues to share with customers the stories behind all of the wines sold.

Our wineries are a part of our family, and that is how we represent them.